September 16, 2010

Making Sense

I wander around the house, gathering things up, organizing them into usefulness.  Cars to the toy drawer.  Mail to the desk.  Socks to the laundry basket.  Coats on hooks, shoes by the door, a glass into the dishwasher, pillows back onto the couch, adjust the picture so it hangs straight. 

In much the same way, I've spent the past few weeks wandering through my life.  Readjusting to my family.  Sifting through our routines.  Assessing our values.  Arranging my thoughts into usefulness, organizing my experiences in a way that makes sense, brings clarity, offers meaning. 

I'm home.  The adjustment is different than I thought it would be.  Some things are the same.  Many more are different.  Soon, I'll begin to share about it.  About where I was, where I am now, and about how the last two years were, shockingly, worth it.  I'm not saying it was easy.  Or that I want to do it all over again.  But it was worth it