June 5, 2008

Welcome to Opposite World

Or should I say farewell, thanks for coming?

Welcome to the land of the three year old. Ladybug has always been a, well, how shall I put this? She’s always been a spirited little thing. She’s busy, full of energy, and great at articulating what she wants. Even from when she was first talking, she’d use full sentences – “I want a cookie” versus just “cookie.” Like any child, manners aren’t included, and you can’t even pay more for an upgrade, so we have said our fair share of “I didn’t hear any polite words” or “Can you think of a kind way to ask for that?”

Lately, she has gone from mere “spirited” to downright contrary. As in, thanks for stopping by here in Opposite World. Don’t eat your applesauce. Don’t kiss Papa goodnight. Don’t give Wild Thing a hug. Don’t drink your milk.

What’s especially wearing in all of this is that on Monday, I get to, how to put this? Face the music? Only that sounds a little too cheerful. Maybe that’s fitting for here in Opposite World.

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