July 18, 2008

Baby's got green eyes...

Or she will, when she wakes up from her nap and looks across the street and gets slapped with a hard case of swingset envy.

The neighbors across from us just got a fancy dancy, super deluxe, really nice, already-put-together complete with a little fort and awning, swingset delivered to their house. And they put it in the front yard, of all places, to the left of their garage. Right there by the road, where there’s no fence. Literally like 4 feet away from a road. Yes, a dirt road, and not a particularly busy one, but a ROAD. And they have SMALL CHILDREN. Seems like a weird placement to me, but maybe the mom there really likes the idea of watching her kids every single second, and not just telling them to go outside and play, while getting other things done uninterrupted around the house, and glancing out at them every now and then to make sure that they aren’t hitting each other with sticks or dumping dirt on their brother’s head. Oh wait, that’s me, not her. I must be getting confused…

Man of the House suggested that we may have to jazz our swingset up a bit. But I’m thinking it may be a good time to learn the lesson of “Sometimes Other People Have Nicer Things Than We Do And That’s Ok.” Which is a hard lesson to learn, especially at the tender age of three. But then again, it’s never too early to learn this important lesson, right along with “I Don’t Get To Have Everything I Want” and “Isn’t This A Good Opportunity To Learn Contentment,” and of course not forgetting the all-important “What Doesn’t Kill You Helps You To Build Character.”

Hmmm, I’ll have to ponder those lessons myself….


stefanie said...

When our girls were little, my husband coined this phrase:

"She's got The I-want-ers!"

It's come in handy over the years. It helps us all to laugh instead of dwell on all the unnecessary things we don't have.

The I-want-ers start early and they never go away. Just the object of the I-want-ing changes. I've been dealing with my own I-want-ers lately...

Denise K. said...

Hi Mercy Project!

I found you through "Chatting at the Sky" and wanted to leave you a comment earlier today. The link wasn't up, so I left you a comment on "Chatting's" site instead. Your beautiful post the other day touched many people's hearts! I just left a little message about bringing brownies to the neighbors and introducing yourself so your kiddo's could play!

I'm glad that when I checked back right now, your site was up and running for comments!

Thanks for sharing your swingset story...and for your beautiful comments about "housekeeping!"

A reader in Colorado,
Denise :-)