July 11, 2008

Mine vs. Yours

Here’s a little poem I’ve had hanging around since I was a teenager. I just remembered it, and it struck me, considering the circumstances I find myself in. Many of my friends and family members are also going through difficult situations. I try to remain empathetic to their situation, but sometimes it’s hard, especially when the empathy doesn’t flow both ways. Money troubles, child troubles, relationship problems, work issues – everyone leads complex lives. And I understand that. And yet, I’m still most concerned with what is happening with, well, with me. So I post this poem, tongue in cheek. I wish I could remember who wrote it, because it is by no means original to me.

Oh, and I found my Belly Balm. It wasn’t in a box, thankfully. It was in a dresser drawer. Now hopefully I will be able to stick around and use it.


If you say you’ve got troubles as big as my own

I’ll have to believe it’s true.

But consider that my problems happen to me,

While yours merely happen to you.

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