May 31, 2008

What a difference a TV makes

So we moved, right? In with my parents? Did I mention that? And we finally got our TV all set up and hooked up in our room. And yes, TVs are not easy to set up anymore (wall mount, anyone?) and the hooking up part? Yikes. I had to wait for the Man of the House to figure out where all those cables and cords were supposed to be attached.

I cannot believe what a difference a TV makes. A TV with TiVo. I heart TiVo.

So ok, it’s not all great. We don’t talk as much before bed, and I don’t read myself to sleepiness. And ESPN is like ALWAYS ON. I can’t believe I just wrote “like.” So, like, there are, like, some downsides. But it gives us space. A window into the world. A place to retreat from the rest of the family. And something to do. Even with the four bazillion books in this house, sometimes I’m at a loss for reading material. And I can only read Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble so many times in one day.

But it’s better. It feels more like home now. Isn’t that really weird??

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