April 22, 2008

Sunshine and snow

Usually we have rain here. I mean, it’s the pacific northwest, right? But lately we’ve been having weird snow and hail storms. Very strange. Ladybug looked out the window the other day and said, “Oh, it’s like Sixlets.” To a 3 year old, doesn’t everything, somehow, relate to candy?

The crabapple tree in our yard is blooming. Two weeks back I saw all the buds on it, and thought how gorgeous it would be when it blossomed. Today I finally looked at it again and was amazed that it was flowering! Seems life has been so full that I forget to look out the windows. That’s kind of sad to think about now that I’ve written it out…

The other day, Wild Thing, Ladybug and I made Butterhorns, from my great aunt’s recipe. If you are familiar with the butterhorns from the Starbucks pastry case, then this is NOTHING like it. The rolls are made from a rich, sweet, egg dough, rolled out with layers of butter and sugar, then glazed with an almond glaze and garnished with sliced almonds. Delish. To die for. Everyone in our house loves them. Even Ladybug, who lately has been eating food ONLY to get her candy reward. Remember? To a 3 year old, all roads lead to candy. Swedish Fish, Smarties, Whoppers Eggs – doesn’t matter what it is. Anyway, here’s a picture of the butterhorns, and I’ll post the recipe soon.

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Anonymous said...

Yum, those look so good -- I can't wait for the recipe!