August 6, 2008

Shhhh, don't tell anyone...

I occasionally plop my children in front of a video so that I can indulge in things that I want to do.  Things like playing with my new camera.

I got them all prettied up and lured them outside this morning under the pretext of playing… and I guess in my defense, we were playing.  They were playing in the yard, and I was playing with my new camera. 

Because we all know that you can read through that 300 page instruction manual and STILL not know how to use it effectively.  It’s all about learning the different camera functions and becoming familiar with them.  Learning how to switch settings for the best effect and stuff  like that.  You know, capturing the light and stuff like that.  I think the fact that I’ve used the phrase “stuff like that” twice has pretty much given me away for the novice photographer that I am.  Regardless, I’m enjoying the new camera.  And I think I got some good shots.  We’ll see.

That’s where the video comes in.  They’re watching it, and I’m downloading the pictures to my computer to play with them.  And stuff like that. 

Hang on.  Wild Thing just wandered into the office, and I gotta relocate him back to the TV before he “master of disasters” (i.e. destroys) anything in here…

No update to the other situation… still no word on the judge, and since I can’t control that I will try not to worry about it.  And hence the mental break to take pictures and play with the camera – because sometimes ya just need a break from all the serious things.

Aw, nuts.  Gotta run.  The Master of Disaster strikes in the kitchen, instead.  Climbed up to the breakfast table and got hold of the sugar bowl… sugar everywhere, fortunately there’s no broken glass.  More later, hopefully.  Like during his morning nap, maybe.

P.S.  Yes, we’re broke.  Yes, we live with my parents.  No, we can’t afford a fancy new camera.  However, I used to travel a lot (2 weeks a month or more) and really racked up the hotel reward points and frequent flier miles.  Did ya know that you can redeem them for more than overnight stays and free tickets?  That you can get things like cameras?  Now all that travel is finally paying off.

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